I believe that at our core, we all seek a sense of freedom in our lives. Freedom to be happy, to be fulfilled in life, to feel good. We seek a freedom from worry, freedom from our limiting beliefs that are holding us back and keeping us stuck in mediocrity. We seek a freedom to express ourselves fully, as we were born to be. We seek a freedom to be our authentic selves and achieve our fullest potential.

Somewhere along the way as young children, we all have unique experiences that cause us to stop freely expressing ourselves and following our hearts. Beliefs begin to be formed that become our truth and ultimately, if left unattended end up shaping the rest of our lives.

Many of you know exactly what I’m saying, if only at the feeling level. It feels right. You are yearning for more self expression, more feelings of fulfillment and success, and more meaning and purpose in your life.

So why are so many of us feeling stuck in life? I get it, it can be scary to discover who we really are, to uncover our limiting beliefs. It takes courage to grow through these limiting beliefs and instill new higher level beliefs about ourselves and what’s possible.

I say it’s not only a good idea to do this but it’s imperative. Like Helen Keller says, “Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all.” We’ve got to act in spite of our fears and be our full expression. The good news is that the more action you take, the more confidence you develop. And like my good friend Tiamo says, “Fear is the only thing that gets smaller as you run towards it.” So I say run towards your fears, discover your limiting beliefs, discover what lights you up, and follow your heart. Because as you do discover your limiting beliefs, they begin to dissolve, and now you’re freed up to live the inspired life you were meant to live.

When you choose to live a courageous life of continuous self discovery, you begin to discover your genius, and get into your natural flow, and many times your purpose is revealed to you along the way. I believe our overall purpose in life is to be a contribution. To be in service to others, inside of our greatest gift, that is our highest expression.

One of the best ways to ignite the process of expanding our belief of what’s possible is through experiencing philanthropic adventure travel (PhAT). PhAT is a fully immersive and unique experience designed to transform your self confidence, deepen your connection to source energy, and expand your view of what’s possible and your purpose in the world.

PhAT combines deep immersion in exotic cultures, once in a lifetime adventure experiences, meaningful philanthropic participation, lush nature experiences, and exclusive access to some of the most exquisite locations around the world to create a spiritual awakening of your greatest version of yourself.

You’ll find that cultural immersion exposes you to new and different ways of living and working and leaves you with a new perspective on life. You’ll experience unique adventures that push your limits and expand what you believe is possible. You’ll discover that being a contribution to people or causes in need of your gifts and talents through participating in philanthropic activities creates a new connection to life that wasn’t previously available. Finding yourself in some of the most exquisite natural environments on the planet gives you a lush feeling of abundance and connection to the world. Spiritual connection to life is woven into the tapestry of this experience that stretches your body and mind, bringing forth a natural expansion of self, and giving you an anchor experience to source for confidence in the future.

Begin your adventure today by applying for Philanthropic Adventure Travel. It will prove to be a pivotal experience in the story of your life.

Clinton Young is an internationally recognized Professional Keynote Speaker, Business Coach, and Consultant. With his 17+ years in corporate, entrepreneurship, and professional speaking, along with his academic background in Industrial & Organizational Psychology he brings a vast and varied amount of experience to his clients. Most recently he’s spoken to over 30,000 people across the USA and Europe for top clients in the Corporate, University, and Sales & Entrepreneurship space. Learn more at