“Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all” -Helen Keller


Shortly after the 2008 economic downturn and having experienced what most would call a financial and business failure, I found myself lost and confused. Picture this, it’s 2009 and I’m in a personal growth seminar, standing at the microphone in front of 200 people. Not as a speaker, but as a participant. I’m in the middle of sharing what’s going on in my life when the seminar leader looks right at me, and says “Clinton, you’re DEAD inside”. I was stunned, yet felt he was speaking directly to my soul. I was dead inside, and it was that day that I started Re-Igniting my own Human Spirit. This is the birthplace of my purpose in life, to “Re-Ignite the Human Spirit” in you, enabling confidence and courage to live your dream life.

I believe that at our deepest core as human beings, we all seek to feel good, to be happy, to be fulfilled. The most pure and lasting way to feel fulfillment in life is to reach your fullest potential, becoming self-actualized. Every person’s resultant version of self actualization is unique, however I believe that at a human level, our highest expression is to be, in service to others, inside of our greatest gift. And there is a specific process by which each one of you can reach this end. I am committed to inspiring growth-seekers like you to awaken to your greatness, unlocking your unique potential to thrive.



As an Internationally Recognized Professional Speaker and Self-Leadership Expert, I am humbled by the opportunity to positively impact the hearts, minds, and lives of thousands of people from stage.

Through my research, I’ve found that too many people, (even some of the most successful), are moving through life unconsciously, feeling stuck, lacking direction and belief in themselves.

With a mission to inspire an awakening and elevation of consciousness in the world, my keynote speech “Reigniting Your Human Spirit” inspires you to question unexamined assumptions about what’s truly possible and discover limiting beliefs holding you back. Through dynamic storytelling and engaging content, I combine unconventional wisdom gleaned from experience with actionable insights to instill confidence, empowering you to unlock your full potential.

Rather than provide a mere training where participants learn a new technique to implement in their life only to receive an incremental gain, my message allows for a paradigm shift. This shift provides a whole new lens through which to see the world resulting in exponential gains in personal fulfillment and organizational performance.

A recent audience member declared, “You challenged my mind, touched my heart, and inspired my soul”! Another proclaimed, “This is a Message for Humanity!”

With a lofty vision of co-creating a global shift in positive consciousness, I’ve recently spoken to over 50,000 people globally, sharing stages with some of today’s top thought leaders.

It would be my honor to speak for your sales conference, corporation, university, association, entrepreneur group, pro sports team, church group, service club, or network marketing organization, delivering a world-class keynote speech, groundbreaking team building half or full day program, or powerful and intimate leadership retreat.

I look forward to inspiring your organization to unlock its full potential. Invite me to speak!


As a Best-Selling Author & Internationally Recognized Speaker & Flow Advisor, Clinton’s mission is to inspire growth-seekers to unlock their unique potential to thrive.

Too many young people and adults alike are moving through life unconsciously, feeling stuck, lacking direction and belief in themselves. They often don’t know what they want, don’t know how to get it, or don’t believe it’s possible. Worse yet, they feel there’s something wrong with them or they’re not good enough.

Clinton’s keynote speech Reigniting Your Human Spirit inspires you to question unexamined assumptions about yourself and what’s truly possible. Through dynamic storytelling and engaging content, Clinton combines unconventional wisdom gleaned from experience with actionable insights to instill confidence.

A recent student declared, “You challenged my mind, touched my heart, and inspired my soul”!

With a lofty vision of co-creating a global shift in positive consciousness by 2030, Clinton has recently spoken to over 35,000 people globally, sharing stages with stars Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, & Garrett Gunderson.

Clinton has traveled to over 20 Countries


Clinton Young

Clinton A Young International is a globally recognized inspirational speaking, training, and events organization providing keynote speeches, multi-day programs, and international retreats to empower growth seekers like you to get clear, get focused, and be in inspired action, so you can Live Your Dream Life NOW!




1 month ago

Clinton Young
The Future is so Bright, I’ve gotta wear shades…! Haha, I can only trust that it is. In the face of leaving Austin this weekend in our RV, heading back to San Diego for at least November and December, there is much uncertainty in my life. I have faith that everything will work out perfectly even when I’m leaving all the momentum that I’ve built in the Pickleball world over the past 6 or so months in Austin with growing my Pickleball 4 Life brand, becoming a Pro Pickleball Commentator, getting my Pickleball charity events on the news and radio in Austin and Boston, and leading dozens of clinics, classes, leagues, and tournaments as a Pickleball Coach within months. But it just feels right to leave at this time, and I trust that bigger things in Pickleball are waiting for me wherever we end up. And who knows, maybe it’s right back here in Austin in 2023. Many people look at @alohamayumi and my life and say “wow, that’s so cool, you’re so lucky…” and they’re right, kind of... It IS fun to live this full time RV lifestyle, but it’s also extremely challenging and certainly not for the faint of heart. We’ve found that the flip side to Adventure and Freedom that comes with #RVLife, is a MASSIVE amount of Uncertainty. And with that, a massive need for FAITH! So here goes…, we’re off! Wish us luck😊. Thanks for following in on our journey. I only hope that we have inspired you in some small way to follow your heart and to have courage to take another step towards whatever lights you up!!!💥 #Pickleball4Life #ClubFreedom #Pickleball4Life #ClubFreedomLive @clubfreedomlive ... See MoreSee Less
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1 month ago

Clinton Young
Striving to be my best self, I’ve continuously committed to surrounding myself with people who force me to grow. In Pickleball, this means playing with people who are better than me and not worrying so much about winning every game. I’ve had so much fun and some serious battles over the past month with these three dudes in our sunrise Pickleball sessions. Sad to be leaving Austin this weekend and unable to play together for a while. Harris, Matt, and Tim, it was truly a pleasure. And playing with you has made me better. Til next time fellas😎. In search of 4.0-5.0 men’s players in San Diego and Palm Desert CA area for some November/December matches! DM me😎 @hy_onthefly @mattwinebright #Pickleball4Life #ClubFreedom #RVLife @clubfreedomlive ... See MoreSee Less
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