Participants are awakened to their limiting beliefs and are reignited to live the inspired life they were meant to live, unlocking their unique potential to thrive.


… is a great fit for Entrepreneur Groups, Corporations, Universities, Leadership Conferences, Church Groups, and Sales Organizations seeking to inspire and motivate your group to reach their full potential in life and in their career. Inspired by what’s possible when limiting beliefs are uncovered, attendees will walk away from this speech on fire and ready to uplevel their career, their business, and their life! This speech can be customized for your group.


… is a great fit for Regional or National Sales Conferences, Corporate Sales Teams, Direct Sales Organizations (MLM Conferences), Entrepreneur Groups, Association Conferences seeking to increase confidence and motivation of a sales organization or team. Attendees will walk away on fire and ready to CRUSH their sales goals. They will have a new sense of confidence about what’s possible in their sales careers when they uncover their limiting beliefs. This speech can be customized for your group.


… is a great fit for Leadership Conferences, Corporations, Entrepreneur Groups, Student Leadership Groups seeking to develop leadership on your teams and in your organizations. Attendees will walk away with a new view of themselves as the leader that they already are, along with actionable steps to uplevel their impact in their business and in the world. This speech can be customized for your group.


… is a great fit for Human Resource Conferences, Corporate Leadership Conferences, and Associations where HR and Senior business leaders are present. Attendees will walk away with cutting edge thinking and ideas to massively uplevel their team’s engagement and begin to develop a world-class company culture that attracts A Player talent. This speech can be customized for your group.


… is a great fit for Corporate Leadership Teams, Entrepreneur Groups, Sales Teams seeking more trust and aligned communication amongst team members and across business units. This program is very interactive with use of group games and exercises, is best for groups under 20, and generally requires at least a half day or full day. Participants will walk away with a renewed sense of being “present” in communication, and will feel newly “connected” to their group. Trust will be developed in this training and new and empowering ways of communicating will be brought back to your teams. This program can be customized for your group.


… is a great fit for Universities, College Student Organizations, Student Leadership Conferences seeking inspiration and real world application of tools to create your dream life. I.e. keynote commencement speech, orientation day keynote speech, career day keynote speeches. Attendees will walk away awakened, inspired, and with an elevated mindset about what’s possible, along with actionable insights to implement to achieve their dream life. This speech can be customized for your group.


I am honored and thrilled by the opportunity to positively impact the hearts, minds, and lives of your audience.

Through my research, I’ve found that too many people, (even some of the most successful), are moving through life unconsciously, feeling stuck, lacking direction and belief in themselves.

With a mission to elevate consciousness in the world, my keynote speeches are designed to inspire you to question unexamined assumptions about what’s truly possible and empower you to discover the limiting beliefs holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Through dynamic storytelling and engaging content, I combine unconventional wisdom gleaned from experience with actionable insights to instill confidence, empowering you to unlock your full potential.

Rather than provide a mere training where participants learn a new technique to implement in their life only to receive an incremental gain, my message allows for a paradigm shift. This shift provides a whole new lense through which to see the world resulting in exponential gains in personal fulfillment and organizational performance.

A recent audience member declared, “You challenged my mind, touched my heart, and inspired my soul”! Another proclaimed, “This is a Message for Humanity!”

It would be my honor to speak for your sales conference, corporation, university, association, entrepreneur group, pro sports team, church group, service club, or network marketing organization, delivering a world-class keynote speech, groundbreaking teambuilding half or full day program, or powerful and intimate leadership retreat. I look forward to inspiring your organization to unlock its full potential. Invite me to speak!

Clinton Young

Clinton A Young International is a globally recognized inspirational speaking, training, and events organization providing keynote speeches, multi-day programs, and international retreats to empower growth seekers like you to get clear, get focused, and be in inspired action, so you can Live Your Dream Life NOW!




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Clinton Young
How to Make Decisions to Ensure You End Up Happy! Listen in as I explain my "Make Sure You're Happy" Decision Making Matrix. Learn more from me at ... See MoreSee Less
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Clinton Young
Awesome calls today with two of my World Class Speaker coaching clients in Australia 🇦🇺. In this photo I was teaching them the power of using every opportunity that they have to market and position themselves as a speaker and leader in their space. Like using this picture for example to share what I do and how I help people, you can share your book cover for your book coming out, or a pic of a group you just spoke for, in order to become “omnipresent” in the online market place. Because “when you speak, business happens”! I love the #FreedomLifestyle that speaking and coaching affords me. It definitely lines up with our 12+ month #ClubFreedom RV and Pickleball Tour across the USA 🇺🇸 that we’re embarking on in July! The entrepreneur speaker lifestyle is not easy but it sure is worth it. I’m so grateful for all of my coaches who have helped me along the way, and I’m excited to be working with such inspiring clients who are out to make an incredible impact in the world with their messages. #WorldClassSpeakers #SpeakerPosse ... See MoreSee Less
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